PREMIERE: Watch The Gloriously Chaotic Video For Voodoo Bloo’s New Single ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’

Earlier this year, New Zealand songwriter Rory McDonald introduced his new project Voodoo Bloo with a ripping debut single titled ‘MMA’.

Now, the Wellington artist has returned with another blistering cut, ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially drops tomorrow. The frenetic, raucous noise-rock belter is the second single from Voodoo Bloo ahead of forthcoming debut album Jacobus, which is set to arrive next month.

“This is actually the oldest song on the album, but still very much felt like a story I wanted to tell,” McDonald explains. “This track is about those egomaniacs who you can see are struggling on the inside, but push their emotions away for the chance of popularity and climbing the social ranks.”

The video for ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ is exactly as swerving and chaotic as the track itself – the songwriter, friends and bandmates thrashing about in the back of a moving van, with McDonald copping more than a few bruises in the process.

“I’ve never been so exhausted, excited and sweaty in my life. All the crew really put themselves through the shit to bring this thing to fruition,” McDonald explains.

“We had 10 hours to get all the shots we needed and I honestly still felt like I was in the back of a moving truck for hours after we finished, but it’s an experience I will never ever forget.”

Watch the video for ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ below. Jacobus is slated for release Friday, 4th December.

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