Red Ink – Shake your booty to the music

When they guys from Red Ink aren’t busy surfing or playing FIFA, they’re kicking out jams. If you plan on checking them out at Purple Sneakers Last Night on Friday the 1st of July, be prepared – they wanna see you shaking your booty and dancing on the bar!

Music Feeds: How did you guys get the band together?

Aaron Sim: Brendan and John formed the band in high school in their year 12 music class and then they started playing acoustic shows. About a year later the rest of the band joined and we went from there.

MF: You guys have been recording a debut album; tell us about that?

AS: The album is coming along really well! We’ve been doing it all over the place – working in a studio in the Dandenongs in VIC, working with a Producer named Woody Anniston in Melbourne at Red Door Sounds. He was great to work with. He’s done heaps of great Australian bands, so we’re pretty stoked to be working with him. We love the recording process; we love hanging out in the studio tracking music, although most of the time is spent playing FIFA!!

MF: You guys have quite an impressive list of supports under your belt; what’s the best show that you’ve played so far and why?

AS: Hmmm the best show we’ve played… tricky question. We’ve done the big festivals and stuff like that, but the best show we’ve played would probably be down in the Victorian coastal town of Warrnambool. It was a crazy gig there. The bar girls were dancing on the bar, Coyote Ugly style!! The crowd was nuts – they took over the stage. It was amazing!!

MF: It’s the middle of a cold winter and a lot of people are dreaming about long warm summer days; have you guys got any plans in terms of touring, festivals etc over summer?

AS: Yeah, without a doubt!! Summer is always a great time cos the surf is always so much warmer!! And we’ve been flat out on the festival circuit the last few years, so it should be rad.

MF: You guys play an awful lot of shows for still a very young band; do you think this has shaped the way that you write and perform your songs?

AS: Yeah definitely. We played well over 100 shows last year, so it certainly had an impact. We try to write songs that are fun and that will translate that way live. There’s nothing better than seeing people shake their booty’s to your music.

MF: How would you describe the music on your upcoming album?

AS: Sex on iTunes. It’s pretty influenced by the likes of Midnight Oil, early INXS, David Bowie, The Clash, and even a bit The Dandy Warhols.

MF: If you could jam with any band or musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

AS: It would have to be Miles Davis. That guy was a bad ass mofo.

Red Ink Play ‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers This Friday July 1st

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