Sasha Sloan Takes Us Track By Track Through Her Stunning Debut Album ‘Only Child’

Earlier this month, critically acclaimed Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan released her much-anticipated debut album Only Child.

It’s a truly stunning collection of songs, with Sloan’s sharply incisive, introspective songwriting taking centre stage above a backdrop of relatively sparse yet melodic, lush guitar-pop. Songs like ‘House with No Mirrors’ and ‘Lie’ are vulnerable, sure, but they’re also intelligently crafted and emotionally aware, demonstrating Sloan as one of the more unique songwriters to emerge in recent years.

To celebrate the release of Only ChildSloan took us through each of the album’s tracks and how they came together. Read her reflections below.

Matter to You

This song is about feeling very small and then finding someone who makes you feel important. I’ve always had a hard time finding purpose but falling in love helped me feel like I had some type of meaning in this world.

Only Child

I had the title “Only Child” saved for a long time but never knew how to write it. I brought the idea into a session with [singer/songwriter/producer] Shane McAnally and he immediately said “it gets lonely being an only child”. From there the song poured out. I grew up an only child and always wanted a sibling. It’s all about the hypotheticals of what could have been and who I would be now if I didn’t grow up an only child.

House with No Mirrors

My boyfriend (also my co-writer and producer) and I were getting ready to leave the house for a session and I put on jeans that were a little tight. I started having a mental breakdown to which my boyfriend said “we need to get you a house with no mirrors”. Later that day we wrote the song with [singer/songwriter/producer] Nicolle Galyon and it immediately became one of the most important songs I’ve ever written. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia for as long as I can remember and I hope there’s someone out there who hears this song and knows they’re not alone.


I broke up with my ex-boyfriend about 3 years ago and we were together for 4. Breaking his heart broke mine and I wrote “Lie” from his perspective.


This was the first song I sat down and wrote for the album. Before I met my boyfriend I was a hot mess. I didn’t drink water, smoked a shit ton of weed, didn’t take vitamins, had horrible nutrition etc. Once I fell in love I started to become scared of everything which led me to start taking better care of myself and that’s what this is about.

Is It Just Me?

I was working with Nicolle Galyon and King Henry and I brought up the idea of writing a song called “Unpopular Opinion”. As it was being written it turned into “Is It Just Me?”. One of my favorite subreddits is called “unpopular opinion” and that’s where the idea came from. Apparently, the most controversial thing I’ve ever said is “Friends is overrated” but I stand by it.

Santa’s Real

I was standing in line at a grocery store mid-pandemic and saw little kids running around with masks on. I turned to my boyfriend and said “wouldn’t it be awesome to be a kid right now?” 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least and a big part of me wishes I was young enough to not understand what’s going on. This song is about missing the innocence you have as a child.

Someone You Hate

This song was written about my ex-boyfriend. I asked him to move across the country for me which made breaking up even more painful. We went from best friends to people who didn’t talk anymore.

Until It Happens to You

This song was written about a friend of mine who lost someone close to them. I struggled with only being able to sympathize with them and not being able to empathize. I remember talking to my boyfriend about it and one of us said “you’ll never really know what it’s like until it happens to you” and that’s how the song was born.

High School Me

This song is about wanting to go back in time and give my high school self a big hug. I was so mean to myself during that time and I wish I could go back and tell 9th grade me it was all going to work out. This was one of the most emotional songs to write.

Only Child is out now – stream it here.

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