Sketch The Rhyme – Bring Out Your Sharpies

The Inner West Festival kicks off this Easter weekend for the 2nd year with a huge line up over two days headlined by Ozi Batla and The Hard Ons. One man who will have his work cut out for him over the weekend is P.Smurf from freestyle rapping/live sketch group Sketch The Rhyme and crew Reverse Polarities. He’s also running the stage on day 1. Getting prepared for the festival, P.Smurf took a moment out to have a chat to Music Feeds.

Music Feeds: What’s new in the worlds of Sketch The Rhyme & Reverse Polarities?

P.Smurf: Sketch the Rhyme is currently reformatting the show, new games, new tunes, pretty much tightening up the whole performance. Rapaport, Jeswon and myself P.Smurf, will be joined on the 23rd by The Tongue, and Nick Lupi from Inner West crew Spit Syndicate.

Reverse Polarities is back in effect and ready to blow some speakers. After taking a long break, working on other projects such as Daily Meds, we have made a whole bunch of new tracks for the people. We’ve amped up the beats and rhymes, and can’t wait to start rocking sets again.

MF: Explain to us the concept behind Sketch The Rhyme?

PS: Basically it’s speed drawing meets freestyle rapping. Originally consisting of 4 mc’s, 4 artists, and 4 musicians. But we’re known to mix it up a bit. We project live drawing on a screen for the audience/rappers to see, and work back and forth to create some entertaining shit. Lots of crowd interaction. Structured looseness.

MF: For those who haven’t heard of Reverse Polarities, give us the low down on that group?

PS: Reverse Polarities consists of P.Smurf, Mute mc, Mikoen, Kitkomplete, and Billie Rose.  Although at one point we have had up to 8 members. We started gigging in 05, played a packed show at the Annandale hotel for our mixtape launch in 08, and due to outstanding circumstances (alcohol & women), we parted ways on 09. Now were back in 2011 representing Big Village records, working on releasing our debut album mid 2012.

MF: You’re playing the Inner West Fcestival doing double duty, how’s that going to go?

PS: I’m sure I’ll be well passed tipping point by the end of the day. I’m also booking/stage managing day 1 of the Festival, so I’ll have to try and lay off the beers early on.

MF: Who are you keen to catch at the Festival?

PS: Everyone!! Can’t wait to see the boys from Brizzie, Seven and Vegas Aces. Still yet to see them play. Ozi Batla is always dope and is going to cap the day of superbly no doubt. All my fellow Big Village crew, Tuka, True Vibenation and Ellesquire. Herb, Grouce, Hyjak, Nikkita, Milan… The list goes on..

MF: Why should punters come down and check you guys out at the festival?

PS: Because were friggin legends!! On behalf of both crews,  you ain’t seen this before.

MF: If you were to make a mixtape, what’s the first track you’d put on there?

PS: Can I Kick It by A Tribe Called Quest. But look out for the P.smurf & Dj Morgs mixtape due out later this year through Big Village. I think the first tracks called “Conartist”

You can check out Sketch The Rhyme and Reverse Polarities on the First day of the Inner West Festival this Easter weekend in Newtown.

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