Stonefield – Sisterhood of Rock

Four sisters from country Victoria who grew up on a healthy diet of 70s fuzz rock are now setting the world on fire with an invite to play the legendary Glastonbury Festival in the UK this June. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Stonefield. Breaking the stereotype of girls in rock bands, these sisters let their songs prove them worthy of the growing success. Playing the all ages, free festival Sounds Loud, Music Feeds caught up with the girls to get the lowdown on Stonefield.

Music Feeds: Give us a brief introduction about Stonefield

Stonefield: We are four sisters from country Victoria, heavily influenced by 70s rock.

MF: Congratulations on being invited to Glastonbury. How excited are you about that?

SF: Thanks! We are extremely excited, even more so now because it is approaching fast. It’s going to be incredible to not only experience the atmosphere of Glastonbury, but actually play there as well.

MF: Who do you hope to see at the festival?

SF: Led Zeppelin of course. They are one of our biggest influences. It would also be amazing to see Beyonce; she has an incredible voice.

MF: You’re influenced by 70s rock – who turned you all on to that?

SF: We grew up listening to our parents’ record collection, so they can be thanked for not being the kind of parents who listen to awful music!

MF: You’ve just been announced as a part of the line up for the free and all ages Sounds Loud Festival in Melbourne. What can readers expect from your set at the festival?

SF: Sounds Loud is going to be great. All ages shows are so much fun and it’s free on top of that! Our set is going to have songs from our EP as well as some new songs. One in particular is brand spanking new. We are just adding the final touches.

MF: What’s the best thing about being in a band with your sisters?

SF: We know each other better than anyone else and there are no hard feelings. We are very close and work well together because we have that family connection.

MF: What’s the biggest misconception about your band to date?

SF: That we are manufactured! That’s laughable. We are a very hard working band. We know what we want, who we are, and we stick to that.

MF: If you were to make a mix tape what’s the first track you’d choose?

SF: Frank Zappa – Inca Roads. Really open with a bang!

Stonefields play Sounds Loud Festival Saturday 9th April


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