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Let’s face it, we’re all pretty much kids of the 90s. We grew up on Cheese TV and 20c Zooper Doopers, experimented with candles after watching The Craft, had tamagotchis not cell phones, built whole (Sim)cities. The Spice Girls and Captain Planet were our role models and we kicked ass at hand ball!

 With the 80s revival / nu-rave fad long since dead and the average legal DOB steadily climbing its way up to the millennium (eeep!), its time to embrace the next generation of trendoid nightwalkers. So why not celebrate the era we actually remember and the gnarly music it spawned?

 …On The first Friday of every month, Teen Spirit takes over the Phoenix basement on Oxford street for a night of nostalgic pop, original grunge, cringe-worthy chartbusters and hot beats to make you dance like it’s the interschool social of ’96, minus the cooties. 

 The dude behind it all, Dan Bombings a.k.a. Doogie Howser MDJ, shares with us his highs and lows from the decade in question…

MF: Hands down best thing about the 90s?

DB: Legitimate euro-dance/trance songs being number one hits

MF: Hands down worst thing about the 90s?

DB: Rwandan genocide.

MF: All time fav 90s tune?

DB: When I hear Jam And Spoon – ‘Right In The Night’, I want to take all the pingaz I never knew existed.

MF: Video clip?

DB: Britney – ‘Baby One More Time’ certainly opened my eyes. I felt like I was cheating on Belinda Carlisle 🙁

MF: Movie/TV show?

DB:Terminator 2: Judgement Day absolutely BLEW. MY. MIND. I wore that VHS out.

MF: Mixtape?

DB:In 1994 I think, this dude Joshua Avery in the year above me at primary school gave me a tape with Offspring – Smash on one side and Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted on the other. So much swearing. I was hooked. (sorry for listening to ‘Stupid Dumbshit God damn Mother Fucker’ over and over, Mum)

MF: Your most jammin’ fashion accessory?

DB: My first wallet chain without a doubt.

MF: Most prized 90s memory?

DB: Ripping this kid in year seven off for a Chris Webber first day issue rookie card.

MF: We’re pretty much mid-revival. Which part of the 90s do we plunder next?

DB: We must be close to post-revival. Anyone want to buy a Chris Webber first day issue rookie card?


Teen Spirit kicks off from 9pm on Friday November 5 at Phoenix on Oxford Street, Sydney

Love Clarence (aka DJ Pushin’ Pop!)

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