Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ten Fé

Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan make up buzzed about London-based duo Ten Fé. Already making a splash across Northern Hemisphere airwaves, the duo’s soaring debut album Hit The Light is out in Australia today, making it the perfect time for us to learn a little more about Ten Fé.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first.

Moorhouse and Duncan cut their teeth busking in London’s Underground, their friendship solidifying as they brought the music they both love direct to the people. They eventually brought that vibe into the studio.

Relocating to Berlin, the dual singer-songwriters teamed up with Jagwar Ma, M83 producer Ewan Pearson for Hit The Light, an impressive debut album that embraces and melds a medley of genres from Americana to indie electro to soul.

Ten Fé, by the way, is Spanish for “have faith”.

That’s the bread and butter. But what if you, say, found yourself at a London alt-indie-pop music trivia night and needed to dig a little deeper into the Ten Fé trivia knowledge? It’s ok, the guys have got you covered. Here are another ten things you probably didn’t know about Ten Fé, as written by Ten Fé.

Ten Fé – Elodie

1. We’re big Beatles fans; one of us is Ebony, one of us Ivory.

ebony and ivory

2. We’re big Stones fans too.

stones gif

3. Neither of us have any tattoos, we both have our left ear pierced tho.

bart sparkle sparkle

4. When we wrote the album we did fitness together every day. ‘Solitary Fitness’ by Charles Bronson became a Holy Book.

workout gif

5. The first time we had a song on Radio 1, we were out busking – pimp or die, brother.


6. Driving music, yes, though neither of us can drive.

friends driving

7. We do a very moving version of ‘I’m On Fire’, that we sing to each other when times get particularly tough.


8. We got a band, ya know – Johnny, Rob, und Al – brothers in our arms – on the road for months from next week on!

ten fe band

9. We’re still can’t make our minds up about Michael Jagger.

mick jagger gif

10. One of us has a varicose vein.

vein gif

‘Hit The Light’ is out in Australia today.

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