The Aston Shuffle – You Can’t Stop Them Now

With their second full-length album well on its way to completion, Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove aka The Aston Shuffle seem deservedly proud of their expected baby. The duo will be releasing the album to a fan base that has grown exponentially since their debut – and continues to grow every day. Already from the release we’ve heard the single Can’t Stop Now, though fans can expect to hear plenty of new tunage as the boys prepare for a run of headlining dates throughout Australia. But before they get caught up in that, the pair caught up with Music Feeds for a quick chat.

Music Feeds: Thanks for taking the time to check in boys. How’s the tour been going so far?

The Aston Shuffle: The first show is tonight in Adelaide, so we’re a little nervous, but extremely excited at the same time. It feels like it’s been waaay too long since we did a national run of dates and we have a newly revamped live show to unleash on everyone!

MF: The list of dates leaves me out of breath just scrolling through it. I’m sure it’s a tough call, but which city knows best how to party The Aston Shuffle way?

AS: Ahhh yeah, that’s a very tough question indeed. Let’s just say they are all awesome for different reasons!

MF: You’ve been hard at work piecing together Album #2. What are you most excited about fans discovering in the release?

AS: I guess we’ve been constantly expanding our sound and this record is gonna be the latest incarnation of that. The great thing is that we gave the writing process the time and space it needed to really shine on through. We’ve discovered new sounds and experimented with the way to writing songs. Plus we had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing people as well!

MF: Speaking of which, what is it about the release that excites you the most?

AS: Probably the fact that it’s getting close to being finished!

MF: Back in September, you dropped the title track; how does that single represent the full release?

AS: Cant Stop Now is very indicative of what the rest of the album will sound like. As a body of work, it’s filled with those big signature-sounding hooks & melodies, catchy vocals and songs you can rock out to at either a festival, nightclub, your car or by yourself on your iPod or phone. It’s music for all occasions basically! Haha.

MF: There’s a whole lot of focus on Australia’s electronic music scene now. Has there been anything suggested involving you guys and international stages in the near future?

AS: We have done a few international tours in the past, and going back is a big focus for us. But this year it’s all about finishing the album first and foremost. Once it’s done then we will be ready to conquer the world!

MF: I can’t believe it’s already time to ask this, but how will The Aston Shuffle be seeing out 2012?

AS: Right now we’re currently on our national tour. As soon as it’s done and dusted, we’re off to India for 2 weeks to play some festival shows, and then as soon as we get home we’ll be finishing off the rest of the album just in time to see out 2012 at Harbour Party in Sydney!

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