The Inheritors

The times they are a changin’” a wise man once said (I think it might have been that dude with the bandana in MGMT, but I can’t quite remember). Gone are the days when all you had to do to make a living was sit around smoking a pipe by the hearth, peering over the top of your horn-rimmed spectacles at a leather bound novella and wait for the old man to contract a particularly bad bout of consumption. No, in the 21st century you actually have to earn your inheritance. Marrying rich is the name of the game. And if Heather Mills McCartney can do it, you can to. Or so say up-and-coming indie poppers The Inheritors anyway.

Hailing from the Central Coast, they were brought together by a common passion for wealthy cougars and denim. Unfortunately, however, the MILF hunting business has seen better days. Hence the sideline in music making. Says Dave, the band’s drummer, “We’re broke actually. Our cougars usually pay us in other ways, you know. Mixed bags of lollies, respectable collared shirts, haircuts, that sort of thing. Actually one of the mums hemmed my jeans the other night. That was a nice gesture.”

Being from the Central Coast, what were the Inheritors’ first impressions of Sydney’s music scene? “It’s had a definite overhaul in the last few years. People seem to be ok with playing pop music again, which is great! Bands like The Ringleaders, Where’s Jerome, and Hancock Basement are all carrying the pop torch and doing amazing things for music.” Well that was an eminently reasonable response. I figure that Dave might not be so crazy after all.

I’m quickly proven wrong. What do you find most interesting about other bands in town, I wonder. “Definitely their footwear,” responds Dave, licking his lips with a fetishist’s glint in his eye. “You can tell a lot about a band by their footwear. I’m getting pretty good at matching up particular footwear to different genres. I can even pin down a persons role in the band just by checking out their feet. My hot tip for the summer; bass players go shoeless.” You’d like that wouldn’t you Dave.

And last but not least, how would Dave describe The Inheritors’ music to a deaf person? “I’d say we’re like a badly drawn rainbow by a five year old. It’s very colourful and pretty but you can’t quite figure out what it’s meant to be.” I don’t have the heart to explain that the correct answer here was either “what? why on earth would I want to do that?” or “in writing”.

Check out the Inheritors on their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/inheritors

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