Here’s Who We Really Want To See Represent Australia At Eurovision 2017

It’s official — Australia will once again compete in Eurovision in 2017, despite having no geographic connection to Europe, so it’s time we started brainstorming who we’re going to send to Ukraine next year.

There are some big shoes to fill this year. The first time we competed we placed fifth with Guy Sebastian, and earlier this year we nearly took the crown with Dami Im coming runner-up.

The boss of Australia’s Eurovision squad has told Music Feeds that the team is open to sending “anything”, even DJs, to represent us in Ukraine, so there are some tough decisions to make.

There are two routes we can go down when it comes to choosing an act, we reckon. Australia could send an established and Eurovision-appropriate artist like Sebastian or Im, or we could go for more of a novelty vibe.

So without further, we’ve put together a wish list of who we would LOVE to see on stage in Ukraine next year, just cause.

Gallery: Who We REALLY Want To See Represent Australia At Eurovision 2017

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