Wolf & Cub – A Few More Frequent Flyer Points

Wolf & Cub have been a shining example of How To Be A Great Band From Adelaide for years now. Along with a couple of others, their name is recognizable to the average Aussie Triple J listener and their hometown is common knowledge, which really is quite a nice thing for Radelaide, a town that struggles to get its name on the map, really. It’s definitely been a while since we heard from these guys so we asked them what’s been happening since their album dropped.

Music Feeds: Alright, I’ve done all the internet stalking I can – you guys have been doing some recording, yeah? What are you recording? BJB’s a great studio, even without Berkfinger… whatever you’re doing, I’m sure they’ll do a great job of it. But please… tell us about this single?

Wolf & Cub: We were approached by a new label called Low Records to contribute a couple of songs for a vinyl 7″ release as they are planning a series of releases from a few artists. We saw it as a good opportunity to record a few tracks that we had ready to go and also thought it would be cool to release something on vinyl, as its something we haven’t been able to do for a while.

We were already working with Burke Reid on some new album material by then, so it was an easy decision. I’ve already said it’s the best work we’ve done thus far so I may as well stick to the script and tell you that as well. Thankfully, people who’ve heard it agree so that’s a nice feeling.

Music Feeds: The photos (of you guys in the studio) are pretty nice too. Who is this Luke Byrne and where can we find him?

WC: Well Luke is my brother so he has to do my band’s photos, thankfully… though he also happens to be one of the most talented photographers going around so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing him a favour, vice-versa actually. He’s been doing photos for us since the beginning. He has a company called SPR/PPL which you can check out here [http://sprppl.com/] or you can visit his flickr here [http://www.flickr.com/photos/sprppl/].

Music Feeds: How has the recording process been this time? I hear you’ve got a new bass player too?

WC: It was great actually, usually recording in a studio is a stressful tedious experience but this time round with the help of Burke it’s been really enjoyable. I was almost sad to leave. The addition of our new bass player, Wade has released a bit of pressure that had been building up before he joined, so it’s a better place to be now.

Music Feeds: How is Radelaide these days? I went there for the first time a few months ago and for a girl from Sydney originally and now in Melbourne, Adelaide sure is different. From what I could tell, there is no real public transport system or even a CBD, really, everything is very flat and neat and everyone seems to spend heaps of time driving to each others’ places to play video games and get stoned. And start bands. Is that how it works for you guys too?

WC: Yep, that’s exactly how it goes.

Music Feeds: Who else is doing cool stuff in Adelaide? Have you been collaborating or jamming with anyone else there?

WC: Peak Twins, Like Leaves, Prince Aaronak, Friends, Fake Tan. Lots and lots.

Music Feeds: Ever think of moving northwards to the big smoke?

WC: Not really.

Music Feeds: Have you had any awesome things happen as a result of playing SXSW?

WC: A few more Frequent Flyer points, but other than that not really. There’s stuff in the pipeline but those pipes are always full.

Music Feeds: Are you guys playing a lot of new unrecorded stuff at your shows recently? What can we expect at The Beresford?

WC: We were talking about this the other day, actually and we decided that from now until the release of the album, that we would have a strict ‘five new song minimum’ policy in every set we do. So you can expect more of the new and maybe less of the old.

Music Feeds: What other Aussie musicians are you digging at the moment?

WC: I liked the Tame Impala record, and also have been listening to some Bumblebeez demos which are pretty rad. I like Mess Hall.

Music Feeds: Big plans for the near future? Spill…

WC: There is a coffee machine I’ve had my eye on for a while, I think a purchase is imminent.

Wolf & Cub Play Upstairs Beresford Saturday August 13th


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