Yacht Club DJ’s – They Mostly Come At Night

If you see some guys popping into a bakery near you wearing some ridiculous clothes – it could just be the Yacht Club DJ’s.

On their last big tour around the country, the Ballarat-based DJ”s – Gaz Harrison and Guy Chappell-Lawrence – decided to spice things up on tour with a whole range of random antics as they journeyed through each town.

“We got to Holbrook, bought fat people’s dresses and wore them up the East Coast,” Gaz said.

“We also did eachother’s hair and bought all these Nerf guns to go along with it… and I looked like an escaped mental patient.

“In some of the country towns we pulled over for pies and all these elderly people were looking at us and weren’t too impressed.”

The craziness didn’t stop there – they came up with some sweaty activities for them and their entourage during their downtime.

“We invented this thing where we wound up the windows and had the heaters blasting until we couldn’t take it any more… there was all this condensation on the windows and the roof was dripping,” Gaz added.

“Then we would all jam in our breaks and run around in paddocks in our jocks.

“Touring is like one big frat party from the second you get on the bus until you get out.”

It’s anybody’s guess what the Yacht Club DJ’s will get up to when they head around the country in April and May on the back of their brand new mixtape – They Mostly Come At Night… Mostly.

Gaz said the title was based upon the duo’s love of sci-fi stuff – and a successful trial of the theme on a -shirt at Parklife last year.

“I like weird sci-fi horror movies and stuff, and we dreamed something up for a T-shirt at Parklife last year which sold really well,” he said.

“So we decided to name a CD after it with a cool pop culture reference.”

Gaz said the mixtape is their most cohesive work to date and includes 500-600 different samples of everything from Marilyn Manson to Beastie Boys.

“Our older mixtapes didn’t have the continuity and felt a bit half-finished and not together,” he said.

“We made this one based more on our mash-up work and not our remixes… and we spent a lot of time on how it actually sounds, with mastering and all the intricate other shit.

“It’s probably our first mixtape which is a mash-up all the way through and the continuity of the mix is really great.”

Yacht Club DJ’s tour around Australia in April/May, with special guests Hunting Grounds.  For all the details click here.

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