Zane Lowe Is Leaving The BBC To Join Apple

Tastemaking BBC radio host and DJ Zane Lowe has been recruited by technology giant Apple, to reportedly work on the company’s iTunes Radio music streaming service. The New Zealand-born Lowe will leave the BBC next month. According to The Guardian, Lowe’s time at Apple will involve working on iTunes Radio, which is still only available […]


Hear BBC’s All-Star ‘God Only Knows’ Cover Featuring Every Musician Ever

The BBC have corralled an all-star cast for a cover of the Beach Boys classic God Only Knows to celebrate the launch of the all-new BBC Music season. Among the artists featured in the eye-catching clip are Dave Grohl, Pharrell Williams, Elton John, Lorde, Brian May, Chris Martin, and Kylie Minogue. The list doesn’t stop […]


68-Year-Old DJ Loses Job Over Racist Song

Veteran BBC local radio DJ David Lowe has lost his job after accidentally playing a song from 1932 on his golden oldies radio show that contained the n-word. Lowe, 68, had been working with the BBC for 32 years. Lowe, who presents a Sunday night Singers and Swingers show on Radio Devon, characterised the incident […]


Listen: Damon Albarn Celebrates BBC Radio’s 90th Birthday

Damon Albarn is a man of music. Not only is he the frontman of one of the greatest Britpop bands of all time, Blur, but he also fronted one of the greatest musical collectives the previous decade held, Gorillaz. In addition to that, Albarn has scored his own musical, Monkey: Journey to the West and […]

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