Beastie Boys Vs GoldieBlox


Beastie Boys File Suit Against US Toymaker

Seminal hip-hop crew the Beastie Boys have officially filed suit against US toymaker GoldieBlox, as part of an ongoing copyright dispute with the company. The suit follows an open letter written by GoldieBlox owner Debbie Sterling, addressed to the band, as an attempt at a peaceful resolution. The controversy began last month, when a GoldieBlox […]


Toymaker Makes Peace Offering To Beastie Boys

US toymaker GoldieBlox, who were previously reported as being besieged by legendary hip-hop group Beastie Boys’ legal team, before the band revealed that they were the ones being threatened with a suit, have written a letter to the rap crew saying they are “ready to stop the lawsuit.” “We don’t want to fight with you. […]


Beastie Boys Write Open Letter To US Toy Company Suing Them

The surviving members of seminal New York hip-hop group Beastie Boys have written an open letter to US toy manufacturer GoldieBlox, setting the record straight on a copyright dispute between the two parties, with the Beasties saying that it is the toy company who is suing them. “Like many of the millions of people who […]


Beastie Boys Threaten US Toymaker With Legal Action

US toymaker GoldieBlox, who manufacture toys designed to spark creativity and scientific thinking in young girls, have been threatened with legal action by the lawyers of legendary hip-hop group Beastie Boys, after the company used a cut from their debut album in one of their advertisements. The so-called ‘Princess Machine’ ad, which has since gone […]

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