Big Day Out 2015


Big Day Out’s US Owners Say They Inherited A Broken Festival

The future of the Big Day Out is looking more and more uncertain, especially as its fate now rests solely in the hands of an American corporation. What is known for certain is that the festival will not return this year, in the wake of huge financial losses in 2014. This week, the festival’s US […]


Future Big Day Out Festivals Could Be East Coast Only

Whether or not it goes ahead is still in question but if the Big Day Out festival returns in 2016 it is likely to be an East Coast and Auckland only affair, according to promoter AJ Maddah. Maddah made the comment on Twitter in response to a question of whether there were any “murmurs’ of […]


AJ Maddah Went To Town On Vivian Lees Last Night

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has hit back voraciously at former Big Day Out chief Vivian Lees on Twitter today, following Lees’ criticism of Maddah’s handling of the Big Day Out during an appearance on triple j’s Hack. In his extraordinary comments, Maddah accuses “sociopathic” and “evil” Lees of profiting from the death of a 16 […]

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