Black Flag


Black Flag Apologise For “Subpar” Reunion, Officially Announce New Frontman

Turbulent hardcore punk band Black Flag have apologised for their “subpar” 2013 reunion album What The … and disastrous tour, which culminated in the onstage firing of vocalist Ron Reyes mid-set at a Perth gig. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mike Vallely, a pro skateboarder who spent 2013 managing Black Flag confirmed he has […]


Black Flag Vocalist Ron Reyes Claims He Was Fired Mid-Set In Perth

All is not well in the world of Black Flag reunions, with vocalist Ron Reyes alleging he was fired from the reformed hardcore outfit while onstage in Perth for the last show of their Australian tour, being replaced with skateboarder Mike Vallely mid set. Reyes took to Facebook to make the allegations, saying that his […]


Black Flag To Release First Album In Almost 30 Years

Reformed hardcore legends Black Flag have announced that they’ll be releasing a new album today, What The…, their first since 1985, following the successful release of two new songs earlier this year, Down In The Dirt and The Chase. This is of course the Greg Ginn Black Flag we’re talking about, not the Keith Morris-fronted […]


Hits And Pits Splits For Newcastle And Wollongong Shows

The cats behind Hits And Pits Festival 2.0 have announced today that they will be effectively splitting the festival in half in an effort to ensure fans from Newcastle and Wollongong don’t miss out on the action. Both of the regional shows will kick off on the same day, Wednesday, 20th November. Newcastle will be […]

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