Brandon Flowers


New Order Team Up With Iggy Pop, Brandon Flowers & La Roux On New Album

If the prospect of New Order’s first album in a decade was not enough to get you excited, September’s Music Complete will also feature rock royalty Iggy Pop, as well as Brandon Flowers of The Killers, and La Roux’s Elly Jackson. Music Complete will be New Order’s first album without Joy Division co-founder Peter Hook, […]


Brandon Flowers Reckons The Killers Are The Best Band Of The Last 15 Years

Brandon Flowers has suggested that his band The Killers could very well be the best musical group of the 21st century, despite previously saying the band’s 2012 album Battle Born “wasn’t good enough”. In a recent interview with The Independent, Flowers made it clear that despite his various solo projects, his faith in The Killers […]


6 Uses For Brandon Flowers’ Collected Beard Hair

So it’s just emerged that The Killers frontman and solo artist Brandon Flowers has strangely been collecting his own facial hair in a bag for the past seven years. Yes. In a cutting-edge interview with The Independent, Flowers has revealed that he first began the whiskery archive after first shaving off a beard and moustache […]

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