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  • Giveaway: Flosstradamus @ Can’t Say, Double Pass – Melbourne

    Giveaway: Flosstradamus @ Can’t Say, Double Pass – Melbourne

    Melbourne club Can’t Say are gearing up for their biggest show to date. On Friday, 15th February Can’t Say are throwing a party headlined by hoodie boyz club kings Flosstradamus. From Chicago, Illinois, the combo of J2K and Autobot have spent the better part of decade partying around the world. Supporting Flosstradamus and assisting with

  • Snakadaktal – Reverb Filled Dreamy Melodies And Sounds

    Snakadaktal – Reverb Filled Dreamy Melodies And Sounds

    When I first stumbled across Snakadaktal I couldn’t stop listening to the track Chimera. When I found out they were still in high school and that the demos I was listening to on repeat were all written, recorded and produced all by the band themselves, I was blown away. They truly do write beautiful music

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 29/07/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 29/07/2011

    Would you like to come to the party… with… the pants? The pants… Party with the Pants? – Yes, we’re trying to say there’s a party in our pants and you’re invited! And with more reasons for you to come to this party, than you can poke a stick or something else of equal pointy-ness

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 22/07/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 22/07/2011

    Here at CAN’T SAY we like to party- the 22nd of July is set to be party heaven so come be our CAN’T SAY apostles! Drink as though you’re about to be crucified to the party sounds of OOH EE. He’s the man of the moment having supported Cypress Hill, The Avalanches and M.I.A.; as

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 15/07/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 15/07/2011

    I say, you say, we all say… CANT SAY! July 15 is jam packed with the finest acts to get the weekend cracka-lackin. Killing it in New York, KNIGHTLIFE are headin’ on down to show y’all what’s up. Fresh off the plane from the US of A, they’ll be creating their own eclectix mix of

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 08/07/11

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday 08/07/11

    Friday 8th of July is worthy of busting out your good undies! LOVE THAT MUSIC are bringing their impressive brand of gyration to the Front Bar. With a “lethal whirlwind of anything but typical tunes and a swagger of hazy episodes”, they’ll be throwing their hats into the Can’t Say ring! The handsome boys from

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 24/06/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 24/06/2011

    24th of June at CANT SAY will make you jizz your undies… so come on down (pun intended)! COMMON TROLLS are bringing their own party recipe to CANT SAY so don’t miss a piece of the pie. Come and check out AJAX (SWEAT IT OUT) the man behind SWEAT IT OUT RECORDS. The “self proclaimed

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 17/06/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 17/06/2011

    Hi Friends, 17th of June will be a big one; are you ready to get drunk off your crunk and party down with the hottest acts in town? Headlining are the boys that promise to “fuck your sister, and kill your brother”. HUNTING GROUNDS (previously HOWL), are ready to bring it after stellar performances supporting

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 10/06/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 10/06/2011

    Here at CANT SAY, we pride ourselves on bringing in some pretty quality acts. In our short history we’ve hosted acts such as Syd The Kid (OFWGKTA), D CUP, Darwin Deez, Trumpdisco and a shitload more. Well I don’t want to talk too soon but I think we’ve done it again… .

June 10th we have

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday June 3rd

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday June 3rd

    So June 3rd is going to be fucking massive, just thought you should know. We have decided to team up with our bro’s at I OH YOU and Bossman Records to throw something really big….I’m not sure there’s much use even trying to hype it up even more. I OH YOU are the juvenile delinquents

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 20/05/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 20/05/2011

    We’re having a little bit of a party on Friday 20th of May, you should come and get tipsy, then dance, then get fucked up, then dance some more, than pass out on the person you picked up in the back of a taxi on the way home….party fail.

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday May 13th

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’ Friday May 13th

    MAY 13 is going to be fair epic at CANT SAY. Even Obama wants you to be there! The dudes from TORTOISESHELL are about to head out on a national tour with The Wombats. Shortly after they wrap up those dates they’ll be getting down! Recently signing to Canyons label ‘A Hole In The Sky’,

  • Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 22/04/2011

    Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 22/04/2011

    Yo playassss, we decided a little while ago that we wanted to put together a dope ass line up for the 2nd week of CAN’T SAY. Something that was really going to let everyone get loose and get down….this is what we came up with, you’re going to love it. THUG LYF – CAN’T SAY

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