Claremont Showgrounds


Soundwave Confirms Perth Venue Change To Arena Joondalup

Soundwave organisers have confirmed the 2014 Perth leg of the festival, set to take place on Monday, 3rd March, will be moving away from its previously announced venue at the Claremont Showgrounds site to take place for the first time at Arena Joondalup. AJ Maddah tweeted the announcement this morning in response to an inquiry […]


Public Defecation, Urination And Vomiting Tarnish Perth Stereosonic, Council Claims

Claremont Council claim residents have been left fuming following the recent Western Australian leg of the Stereosonic Festival. Stephen Goode, the Town of Claremont chief executive, told In My Community the council actually had photographs of people defecating, urinating and vomiting to prove their allegations. “Comments from residents suggest it was the worst ever … […]

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