Metallica Offer Bribe To Bring Back ‘Metalocalypse’, Talk New Album

Metallica are doing the Lord’s work – this time for petitioning Hulu for a final season of Metalocalypse, joining the #MetalocalypseNow campaign by sending a “care package” to the steaming service. Including a typed note and a fistful of picks, the package was sent in response to Metalocalypse creator Brendan Small’s very public desire to […]


Bizarre Video Shows What It Would Be Like If Batman Fronted A Death Metal Band

For those not yet familiar with the hilarious animated death metal project featuring Batman as lead singer, it’s called Batmetal. And Batmetal has returned. Watch the Dark Knight rise, to embark on a Disney/Marvel/Nickelodeon character killing spree in this – for want of a better word – batty sequel, set to everyone’s favourite Metalocalypse tune, […]


Adult Swim Launches In Australia

Good news, fans of Adult Swim – the US cable network has today announced the launch of an online streaming network in Australia, bringing us programs like Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, The Venture Bros, Aqua Team Hunger Force and, of course, Metalocalypse. The service, which will be run by Turner Broadcasting Asia Pacific, MCM Media […]

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