• Devin – Romancing
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    Devin – Romancing

    Pump this kid’s sound up! Twenty-something-year-old Brooklyn rocker Devin has a sweet little album ready to let loose on us. Well, not so little, with fourteen tracks. While his style of rock is not entirely new, Devin Therriault – who I fancy as a James Dean meets Elvis Presley style rocker, one cool cat –

  • The New Pollution: # 015 – Devin

    The New Pollution: # 015 – Devin

    From what I can make of Devin, he’s essentially Chuck Berry times ten with two exceptions; he’s white and he wears too many belts. Devin Therriault, a young Brooklynite, formed his band after signing with Frenchkiss records (his bass player was an accountant there). It’s rough-as-guts, distorted 50s rock n roll and his single, You’re

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