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Let Them Eat Cake 2014 – Werribee Park, Melbourne 01/01/14

After an auspicious launch on New Year’s Day 2013, boutique electronic festival Let Them Eat Cake’s sophomore outing saw the festival cater to a sold-out crowd which had doubled in size for 2014, settling once again amongst the manicured greenery of the criminally under utilised Werribee Park. Early on the darkening skies had heads tilting […]


DJ Koze To Headline Abercrombie ‘Last Night Ever’

Sydney’s Abercrombie Hotel, known for hosting Purple Sneakers’ club nights and serving as the longtime home of Sunday party S.A.S.H, and which last month announced that it would be shutting its doors for good, have announced a ‘Last Night Ever’ to be headlined by Germany’s DJ Koze. German techno master Koze has been in town […]

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