Open street art studio: Higher Ground

The perfect Sunday arvo hangover activity: before heading over to the Courty in Newtown for that perfect weekend bevy in the beer garden, peruse the studios of such Sydney street artists as Ears and Max Berry (of Secret Battles fame). They, and others, work out of Higher Ground Studio, which is having an open day […]


Artcore Guerilla art fair takes to the streets

“Flesh” (2011) by Ears Galleries – who needs them? One enterprising crew of local artists led by Chris Lego and Daniel O’Toole have decided to stage their own art market in the backstreets of Newtown. It’s called the Artcore Guerilla Art Fair. It’s happening on September 15 and it’s designed to give artists a free, […]


Issue #13

In This Issue: TV on the Radio, Days Like This!, Day of the Meerkat, Eagles of Death Metal, Seekae, Killed Two Birds

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