Fabulous Diamonds

  • Difficult Music Festival 2011 underway

    Difficult Music Festival 2011 underway

    Having started last week with the first event taking place on January 2nd (I know ay, they waste no time), Sydney’s Difficult Music Festival 2011, a not-for-profit series of events is already underway, and if like me you’ve missed the first run of gigs be sure to get your shit together and make up for

  • Fabulous Diamonds – Two’s Company

    Fabulous Diamonds – Two’s Company

    Fabulous Diamonds are not your standard Melbourne lo-fi band. Having recorded their latest LP, Fabulous Diamonds II with Mikey Young, guitarist from DIY lords Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the confusion is however quite understandable.

  • Repressed Rants & Record Rage

    Repressed Rants & Record Rage

    The frenzied, multi-armed corporate juggernaut that is Repressed Records is putting on a show this weekend. And like every good businessman, I’ll take it personally if you don’t attend and I’ll never do it again.

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