Holy Balm


More Acts Join The Lineup For Sydney’s New Multi-Venue Festival ‘Volumes’

More artists have joined the inaugural lineup for Volumes, a brand new Sydney festival that will showcase the talents of a multitude of Australian artists, set across three live music venues in the cultural heart of the city this August. Joining the fray will be Brisbane’s Blank Realm, Melbourne duo Friendships, Perth’s Methyl Ethel plus […]


Black Dice play OAF tonight and offer two-for-one tickets

Black Dice are one of the few bands even to come close to induce me to vomiting, and so to say they deliver a powerful live show is, to me, a drastic understatement. What they deliver is the musical equivalent of a rectal exam delivered by your dentist, and thanks to the amazing lovely Ash […]


Repressed Rants & Record Rage

The frenzied, multi-armed corporate juggernaut that is Repressed Records is putting on a show this weekend. And like every good businessman, I’ll take it personally if you don’t attend and I’ll never do it again.

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