James Murphy


James Murphy To Release Remixes Album Made With “Tennis Data”

Former LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy has released another taste of his tennis themed music project with a snippet of the track, Match 176, taken from his forthcoming release Remixes Made With Tennis Data, due this Friday, 19th December. Earlier this year Murphy announced he and IBM were collaboratively working on almost “400 hours” of […]


James Murphy Working On “400 Hours” Of New Music

http://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/james-murphy-performs-on-stage-at-electric-picnic-at-news-photo/454354326 James Murphy has done a pretty good job of keeping busy since the dissolution of LCD Soundsystem, producing an album for Arcade Fire and attempting to revolutionise NYC subway travel. Now Murphy has partnered with IBM and the US Open to create almost “400 hours” of new, sadly non-LCDS music. As The Guardian reports, […]


James Murphy On Commercial Dance Music: “It Makes Me Want To Vomit”

James Murphy, the former frontman of New York alt-dance band LCD Soundsystem, has called modern commercial dance music “repellent”, explaining that it makes him “want to vomit”. Music Week are reporting that Murphy made the remarks during an interview at a Red Bull Academy session as part of Norway’s by:Larm Festival. When asked for his […]

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