Jazz With Zazz

  • Jazz With Zaz #6

    Jazz With Zaz #6

    First off this week with A’Cappella favourites, The Idea Of North in an intimate show at the Basement on Tuesday October 28. They’re doing an interactive show, encouraging audience members to ask questions and make requests.

  • Jazz With Zaz #5

    Jazz With Zaz #5

    Hey there music feeders! I hope you all had yourself a good long weekend! I, as always – spent the last few weeks listening to new music and heading to out to gigs to report back to you all. Firstly I have to mention the James Morrison and Emma Pask gig at The Basement a

  • Jazz with Zazz #4

    Jazz with Zazz #4

    I’ve decided I should try as much as possible to talk about gigs that are coming up more so than what’s already gone down. However, I’m quite sure that there will still be some gigs that I’ll be squealing with delight to share with you all. Starting out our little fortnightly listening period we have

  • Jazz with Zazz #3

    Jazz with Zazz #3

    Let’s jump straight in this week with a band that’s got a lot of people confused simply by their name. They’re called Aunty Richard and they recently launched their debut contemporary jazz album Leaf Blower at the Basement, much to my tongue-wagging delight.

  • Jazz with Zazz #2

    Jazz with Zazz #2

    It’s been a busy few weeks for all things jazzy around Sydney, but then again it always is… Every Tuesday night it’s hard not to be drawn down to the Excelsior hotel in Surry Hills for the delightful offerings from Jazzgroove. Most recently I caught the set from the Matt Keegan Trio, who has done

  • Jazz with Zazz #1

    Jazz with Zazz #1

    Welcome to Jazz with Zaz. The lovely people over at Music Feeds have asked me to wade out into the murky waters of the Sydney Jazz scene to haul in a catch of wriggling musical treats for all of you. I’m going to do my best to report on what’s been going down and what’s

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