Jon Dette


Former Slayer Drummer Joins Aussie Metal Supergroup

A new Australian metal supergroup founded by ex-4Arm frontman Danny Tomb, and Teramaze guitarist Dean Wells has let the cat out of the bag on their new lineup. And it’s one big mo’fucker of a cat. The band, calling itself Meshiaak (Meh-she-yuk), has recruited drum ninja Jon Dette as its official beatman, a dude whose […]


Slayer’s Tom Araya Describes Jon Dette’s Addition To The Band As “Exciting”

Slayer frontman Tom Araya believes it’s “exciting” to have Jon Dette rejoin the band as their fill-in drummer for their Australian shows. Speaking to Christina Rowatt for Soundwave TV, Araya shed more light on the band’s decision to recruit Dette for the shows following Dave Lombado’s removal from the tour over an alleged pay dispute. […]


Slayer To Share Drummer With Anthrax At Soundwave

Jon Dette must seriously be the ultimate dude. Not only will he be filling in on the skins for Anthrax while they’re in Australia, but he’s now also put his hand up to man the sticks for Slayer. The drama of Dave Lombardo’s split from Slayer unravelled this afternoon when the founding member announced that […]

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