Lacey – New Talent from the West

Tom from Perth band Lacey sat down and spoke to MusicFeeds just ahead of their first East Coast tour. Music Feeds: What’s new for Lacey? Tom: We have just released our new single Set along with a new video clip for it. We’re also heading over east for the first time as a band this […]


Post Paint – You Can Rely On The Kindness Of Strangers

It’s amazing how music these days has suddenly become a family affair. There is a multitude of brother/sister, brother/brother, sister/sister, uncle/cousin type bands out there, it got me thinking, the power of the music created when there’s a family bond in the group dynamic. As an only child, I’ll never get this. But it’s something […]


Royal Chant – Raise Your Glasses

Whats a garage band? Kids who play in their parent two car garage? A recording software program made by apple? Or is a raw, primal rock sound that shaped a million bands across the globe? Royal Chant describe themselves as Garage, Loud and catchy. Their debut album “Raise Your Glass & Collapse” has just dropped […]

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