Little Birdy


How To Sing Like Your Favourite Australian Artist

Al & Anna, the duo that went viral for their incredible medley of sixty ’90s songs performed in six minutes last month and who more recently managed to turn an “almost definitive list” of animal band names into a song have now given Triple J listeners a lesson in Australian vocal timbre. The duo teach […]


Katy Steele (Little Birdy) National Solo Tour, April 2013

Fearless leader of loved-up Aussie outfit Little Birdy, Katy Steele has revealed the first signs of movement since closing that chapter of her life and relocating to Brooklyn – Steele will be heading down the daunting road of a solo performer but, judging by her first single, she’s going do to just fine. The success […]


Music Feeds Recommends… Gig Picks 15/09/09

Greetings again, Music Feeders. Now, I know I said there was a lot to amuse yourselves with last week, but it seems Spring is truly upon us this week, with even more awesome gigs across the city to amuse and entertain.

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