Peats Ridge 2009


Peats Ridge 2009 – Rockin’ The Glenworth

On the 29th of December thousands of cheerful and eager campers piled into an assortment of cars, minivans, Winnebagos and trucks on their way to the famous Peat’s Ridge sustainable music and arts festival.


Diafrix Summer Shows

Diafrix have pushed past their status as Melbourne’s ‘next big thing’ and are starting to build a massive cult following nationally thanks to massive community radio support and a growing reputation as one of the most amazing live acts in the country.


Blue King Brown Still Standing Tall

When the social, political and economic nature of the world seems to crumble in an ongoing struggle to find balance, it is important to have a voice shining a light for the people.


Competition: 3 Day Peats Ridge Pass + Hang Out With Diafrix

Well it’s almost that time of the year again. Sure, there’s that whole Christmas thing coming up (as I’m sure you’ll be aware from the obscene amount of advertising already flooding your senses day in, day out), but for lovers of music late December really means something completely different.

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