Top 10 Most Googled Songs Of 2013

Future world-dominators Google have unveiled their global Top Charts for 2013, revealing what Australians and the rest of the world searched for the most this year, with Psy, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominating the music-oriented countdowns. Amid dead celebrities, The Block, and “What is Twerking?”, it seems Australians were still […]


Queen’s Brian May On PSY Collaboration: “I’m Up For It”

Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed that he will be collaborating with Korean popstar PSY, with the legendary axeman saying that he thinks the Gangnam Style rapper is a “significant artist”. The 65-year-old told MTV News UK that the pair recently met up for brunch to talk about the possibility of making beautiful music together: […]


‘Gangnam Style’ Star PSY Inspired By Queen

If you’ve ever wondered who or what was responsible for South Korean popstar PSY, his single Gangnam Style and its awful follow-up Gentleman, we finally have the unlikely answer – it’s Queen and Freddie Mercury, with a little help from Robbie Williams. The musician told The Sun that he watched the British rock legends’ 1986 […]


PSY Booed By Entire Stadium During Italian Cup Final Half Time

K-Pop icon PSY has been left visibly embarrassed after an entire stadium full of football fans began to boo during his performance at the Italian Cup Final half time. The booing was so loud, that organisers turned up the volume of his music in an attempt to drown it out, but that only makes it […]

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