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  • PVT Announce Australian Tour

    PVT Announce Australian Tour

    Sydney trio, PVT (formerly known as Pivot), will return 16th July with their highly anticipated new album, Church With No Magic. To celebrate, the band will also be touring Australia in August. From the press release: The release of Church With No Magic also coincides with a change to the band’s name, from Pivot to

  • Pivot, The Annandale – 1st April, 2010
    Gig Reviews

    Pivot, The Annandale – 1st April, 2010

    Have you ever tried to remember what it was like having sex with your high-school girlfriend (or partner, don’t mean to be sexist)? You can remember flashes of flesh and certain more adventurous acts, but all those little details that really made it have drifted away and all you’re left with is a sense of

  • St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney 08/02/2009
    Gig Reviews

    St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney 08/02/2009

    I hate festivals that are held on Sunday. I always end up having to make a desperate dash to catch the first acts I want to see, made so much more difficult by the ever present hangover and Sunday drivers, and while the same happened this year when it came time to go to Laneway,

  • Pivot


    “We’ve all come back at different times,” Pivot’s guitarist Richard Pike tells me. “We’ve had a week or so off, so we’ve all sort of gone separate ways after living together for so long while touring.”

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