Rick Rubin


There’s A Def Jam Biopic In The Works And Casting Rumours Have Begun

Following on from the barnstorming success of Straight Outta Compton, Hollywood is wasting no time getting other a-list hip hop properties onto the silver screen. While we heard recently that a Death Row Records film has been green lit, the latest news in tinseltown’s love affair with the pioneers of hip hop being that Def […]


Rick Rubin Is Spilling All His Production Secrets On The Internet

Super producer Rick Rubin is a towering figure in the music industry and not just because of his 6ft frame and magnificent beard. He’s the producer behind some of the most universally loved albums of the past three decades, and now he’s taken to community-annotated lyric website Genius to provide behind-the-scenes commentary on around 50 […]


Rick Rubin Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge The Right Way

When Eminem throws the gauntlet, one must rise to the challenge, and that’s just what Rick Rubin did. Much as we enjoyed Foo Fighters’ deft take on Carrie for their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, producer Rick Rubin took things to a whole different level and possibly even another dimension. Renowned for his yogi-like approach to […]

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