Sister Jane

  • Demon Parade – Sonic Soundscapes

    Demon Parade – Sonic Soundscapes

    After Michael Badger’s first, and much hyped band, Sparrows fell apart some years ago, he sat down alone in his studio and started writing songs, layering sonic soundscapes over pop songs. Once there was an album’s worth of material written and demoed he put it up on Myspace and told all his muso friends to have a

  • Sister Jane – Hold Together

    Sister Jane – Hold Together

    Together for a while now, the recent release of Sister Jane‘s debut EP Be Kind, along with the completion of their full length album Mercy marks the culmination of several years or tireless recording and live shows crammed in amongst the bands many other commitments. With three of the band’s members also playing in Belles

  • Sister Jane – Psychedelic circus

    Sister Jane – Psychedelic circus

    Sister Jane hail from the cold climates of The Blue Mountains but play some of the warmest, fuzz-driven psychedelic rock you’ll hear. Playing MUM this coming Friday, Dan from the band took some time out from work to answer a few questions about the band.

  • Sister Jane

    Sister Jane

    Despite already having three well known sisters, the Blue Mountains now have to contend with a fourth

  • Issue #16

    Issue #16

    In This Issue: The Dolly Rocker Movement, A Silver Moon Uprising, Gary Numan, Sister Jane, Easy Star All Stars, Sherlock’s Daughter, Laneway

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