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House Of Pain, Manning Bar – 06/05/2011

One hit wonders or white rap icons? However you look at House Of Pain, one thing is sure, tonight was about the room hearing THAT one song. But more about that later. First up were The Havknotz. A DJ, an MC and a bass player mixing up rock riffs with beats and rhymes that hark […]

Gig Reviews

Datsik, Manning Bar – 14/01/11

The legendary Datsik aka Troy Beetles, a 21 year old dubstep producer from Canada, played at the Manning bar on the 14th Jan much to the joy of Dubstep fans. If you love Dubstep no doubt you will have already heard of him, but if – like me – you’re more of a DnB fan […]


DJ Marky & Stamina MC @ Manning Bar this Friday

If i told you Marco Antonio Silva and Linden Michael Tarquin Lockington Johnson Spitfire Smythe Reeves (phew quite a mouthful there!).were coming to town to play I’m sure quite a few of you would be scratching your heads, going ‘what’s she on about?’ Those of you in the know – who hear those two names […]


The Music

Adam Nutter, lead guitarist of The Music, never went to university. He almost didn’t finish high school

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