Trouble Funk


Foo Fighters Announce 20th Anniversary Concert With All-Star Lineup

While Dave Grohl recently asserted that Foo Fighters won’t be celebrating their 20th anniversary with a string of “presumptuous” and “lazy” tours playing their old albums in full, that does not mean they’re not going to celebrate at all. In fact, today they’ve announced an epic birthday concert, which will include some very special guests. […]


Beastie Boys Battle Sampling Lawsuit

The Beastie Boys are attempting to get a lawsuit dropped that was brought against them by record label TufAmerica. Filing the lawsuit one day before the passing of Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch, TufAmerica are attempting to sue the Beastie Boys for sampling 80’s R&B act Trouble Funk’s tracks Say What and Drop the Bomb. […]

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