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Come Together Day 1 – Luna Park, Sydney 6/06/15

Forget the flower headbands and put the gun show on hold – Come Together Day 1 is all about your sneaker and sweater game. When hoodies count as occasion wear you know you’re at a hip-hop festival. And when Vodka Cruisers are competing with Vodka Red Bulls for highest selling beverage you know it’s a pretty young crew and they’re ready to party.

Underwear being thrown on stage is a good sign that said party has officially started. So it’s no surprise that it’s Remi who slingshots the offending bra back into the crowd. Grooves like Sangria, XTC Party and Livin’ are bound to inspire some mild nudity at the very least. The crowd has been on a steady boil for a while now thanks to Sarah Connor, Ivan Ooze and Coin Banks warming things up nicely. Needless to say there is some big love at the Big Top at Luna Park tonight.

The love continues for Horrorshow, with Nice Guys Finish Last and Sticky Finger’s Gold Snafu getting a huge response. Their Like a Version, of Can I Kick It/Take a Walk on the Wild Side goes off before the boys from One Day join the stage for an insane cover of Scribe’s Not Many.

The best thing about hip-hop is that’s it’s a very friendly genre for the less confident dancers among us. If you’re ever in doubt, put your hands up and wait for further instruction. You can always count on Thundamentals to let you know when to take your fist and make a peace sign with it. From the warm and fuzzies of One Love, to the circle pits of Thunder Cats they deliver an epic set wrapping things up with Something I Said along with some choice advice for the young crowd; “Sydney, stop bitching and start living.” #Werd.

Seth Sentry swaggers on stage like he DGFA and kicks things off with Vacation. Next up is Dumb off his very fresh sophomore album Strange New Past. Older tracks Float Away, What’s My Scene and The Waitress Song get the sing-a-long started, while Run and Hovercraft inspire some serious crowd surfing from DJ Sizzle.

The entire lineup is then invited back for a freestyle free-for-all. By this stage of the night the mums and dads have gathered in the well-lit area by the exit and while watching parents dance is always a beautiful thing, watching them cut loose to Hell Boy is a stand out festival highlight. Make some noise for yourselves Sydney, Come Together Day 1 was every bit as double fist pump worthy as you could imagine.


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