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Image for Daniel Allars, Lovers Jump Creek, The Gaelic Club 18/05/2011

Daniel Allars, Lovers Jump Creek, The Gaelic Club 18/05/2011

Written by Mike Hohnen on May 20, 2011

A Wednesday night would have to be my favourite night to visit Sydney’s Gaelic Theatre for live music, as there is usually only a handful of people, which means I can enjoy music in peace. However, when I went to see Daniel Allars and Lovers Jump Creek, this was no ordinary Wednesday night at the Gaelic.

Opening the night was Alex Gibson. I can’t help but have total respect for a young, 20 something artist who straps up his semi acoustic guitar, and sings his heart out to a crowd of people he doesn’t know. Gibson had a ‘City and Colour-esque’ approach to his music, both in theme and skill, as I found myself agreeing with one punter who thought Gibson sounded just like Dallas Green. Gibson chatted with the crowd, who seemed to swell and grow as the set progressed. I heard chuckles, and criticizing remarks from some in the room, though I doubt they would swap places with Gibson, however I found myself enjoying his performance, tapping along and laughing like a long time fan.

Up next was Daniel Allars and his band. I found myself somewhat unimpressed with this set. On a technical level, the sound was great; they hit every note and received a strong response from the crowd. But I found it underwhelming. Daniel Allars has a unique sound and charm on stage that wooed the audience, however it is also a sound in my opinion that doesn’t translate well when performed live. I got the feeling watching their set that should I have been reviewing their CD, they would have received a better review.

Last but not by any means least was Lovers Jump Creek. For a Wednesday night the room was packed! I found myself having to actually be social – which was great for a change! Lovers Jump Creek is one band you can’t help but love. They are a group of friends passionate about what they do and it shows in their music, and their stage presence. For such a young band they have a lot of class, and front man Mark Webber just doesn’t stand still. I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed drummer Jarred Young screaming every word without missing a single beat. It is no surprise why all eyes are on Lovers Jump Creek, with organic growth as a band and an ever-growing fan base, Lovers Jump Creek are obviously going places and this is a band to keep track of… Now, I think I may actually be a fan of a packed venue!

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