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Katie Noonan & The Captains @ The Factory 6/3/11

The Factory was set up with seats and tables for an intimate evening with one of the best voices in Australian music, Ms Katie Noonan.

Currently on their fifth tour since the release of 2010’s debut album Emperor’s Box, this would be last show for some time with The Captains as Katie’s year will be filled returning to her previous project Elixir.

I missed Holland’s set but apparently the guys drove all night from Brisbane where they supported Katie to make it for this show. So big kudos for the effort made there.

Alchotlicks do something you don’t see to often these days. They are a instrumental band. Just two guitars and a drummer and set full of jazz inspired tracks filled out by the amazing work of both guitarists. However, no matter what with a instrumental band, it’s really hard to focus and appreciate the talent within. It felt like background music in a cafe or restaurant.

Starting off with a new song, Katie and her Captains played through the highlight tracks from the album plus she even dug out a couple of older tracks from her days in George and Elixir. Her voice, as always is simply captivating. It was a joy to just sit back, close your eyes and just listen to her voice float around the room.

Inviting the Alchotlicks back up on stage for the finale in which, when she looked around Katie mentioned “I feel outnumbered up here with 6 men!”

It maybe a little while before we hear from The Captains, but at least we know we can still see Katie perform towards year end once the new Elixir album and production with various dance companies comes around.

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