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I Know Leopard – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney 21/11/15

On the final night of their Another Life shows, I Know Leopard performed a packed and sweaty show at Goodgod Small Club. The band have been on the road since June, so what better way to round off a tour than with a hometown show?

The night started off with Allan Smithy (also known as Matt Amery from Tin Sparrow) with his indie-pop punchers. Gradually the doors began to swing more consistently, with local lady Eleanor Dunlop giving a powerhouse performance and warming up a growing crowd.

Finally, I Know Leopard glided ever so gracefully onto the stage, beginning appropriately with their explosive track Another Life. As the room became more and more sweaty, the quintet provided soaring high-end synths and violin with the help of intricate sample pads and some glorious tambourine flair.

Vocalist Luke O’Loughlin’s capacity to engage the audience kept the momentum going while violinist Jenny McCullagh and bassist Rosie Fitzgerald’s harmonies soared through the room.

As the night drew to a close and nearly the entirety of both the band’s two EPs had been performed, they rounded off the night with the singles Close My Eyes and the astonishingly huge Perfect Picture, to which an eager crowd gratefully sang along to.

What was surprising about the “Leppies” (as they’re more commonly know, apparently) was how their latest EP, Another Life, translated in a live setting. The EP has a dreamy pop vibe, but in a live setting it sounds much bigger, less reserved and almost borders on a psych-rock feel. Either way, the band have proven their ability to perform and create riveting pop tracks.

It’s fair to say that it’s been a big year for the Lepo’s (that’s a new one), with an ever growing fanbase and sound, but don’t be too surprised if these felines pop up again within the next year. For meow, sit back and enjoy their EP.

I Know Leopard’s ‘Another Life’ EP is out now.

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