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Plan B – The Metro 24/01/11

Written by Jason Strange on January 31, 2011

Opening act Paris Wells is an amazing vocal talent. Her strong powerful voice is what made me pay attention when I wandered in tonight. There was something sassy about her performance. Mixing elements of jazz, pop and dashes of Jamanican Dancehall reggae, and even Russian polka, her set was good, albeit, ignored by most of the people in attendance.

I had never heard of Plan B and when it was over I had wondered why not. Opening with an amazing beat box artist, he blew the crowd away with his work. How he learned to combine bass, beat and vocal all at once defies logic. He was simply brilliant and got the crowd geared up for Plan B.

Plan B was soulful, disco, Sinatra style crooner, big band, pop, rock and hip hop all in one. Now that might sound like it would turn into a big mess, but he could pull all of it off successfully. He was full of energy and his band were hot. It was music you could groove to. One girl got up on stage and instead of security rushing to get her off, Plan B let her stay for the rest of the song before she left on her own accord. When was the last time that happened????

The set ended with an onstage mosh and slam dance between the band members. To be honest, they could’ve played for another couple of hours and it would still be just as enjoyable. Like I said earlier, I hadn’t heard of Plan B before, but I sure as hell have now. It was a great gig.

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