Image for Regurgitator & Rat Vs Possum, The Manning Bar – 25/09/2010

Regurgitator & Rat Vs Possum, The Manning Bar – 25/09/2010

Written by Jason Strange on September 29, 2010

Damn football finals making me miss Laneous and The Family Yah! After a great debut album St Ill Regal and their new album hitting the streets, I was keen to see these guys play but sadly walked in to hear the end of their last song before handing it over to Rat Vs Possum.
Rat Vs Possum based their roots purely in psychedelic rock and expanded to create an open, flowing, Bohemian sound. Like a free flowing spirit or a drug trip, Rat Vs Possum are a band you can appreciate without having to stand there and soak it all in. They created a nice ambience until Regurgitator came.

Hitting the stage for their first full national tour in years, Quan, Ben, and drummer Peter belted out what was essentially a greatest hits set. Like any greatest hits album, we got a couple of new tracks, and what impressed me by those is the fact the guys have returned to their punk and rock roots; very melodic, all guitars and upbeat.

As the night wore on the crowd got more into the gig and when they played classic tracks like Black Bugs, Polyester Girl and Fat Cop, the crowd really got involved. Closing out with ! (The Song Formerly Known As) the show made you appreciate once again just how good Regurgitator are. Returning from failed marriages/relationships, the band looked as if they missed being on stage playing with each other.

Knowing that they are back writing and recording means more chances to see them play live again in the coming months. For the sake of late 90s early 2000 nostalgia, seeing the ‘gurg tonight was fantastic. It made me realise how underrated some of Quan’s songs were in the band. And while I was disappointed the two songs I really wanted to hear I Sucked A lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am and Blubber Boy, it was still a good fun show.

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