Rumpunch Album Launch With: The Phonies, Fresh Jams, Basslines Crew – The Gaelic Theatre 21st June 2008

This is exactly what funky pirates would have blaring from their boats. It makes you want to put a parrot on your shoulder, grab some fair maidens, and boogie the hell down while swigging from bottles of moon shine on the deck all night.  The energy is infectious, the lyrics tight knit, the beats driving everyone to walk the plank of funk and soul.  But it’s the hip hop element that makes it soar in my opinion.  It’s a fantastic blend of dub grooves and clever rhyming, with a jazz soul that shines through to brighten the whole experience.  It’s just a shit load of fun really.  Thank God these guys have stepped up to fill the whole left by the disappearance of Rastawookie.

Rightfully so, The Gaelic was certainly heaving for the Launch.  Clearly these guys mean business.   BassLines were playing as I walked in, and I was delighted to see Janny on stage again.  Between her and her partner’s vocals, and the rhythms coming from behind the decks, everyone was well and truly in the mood for some grooving.

The Phonies stepped up to the plate next, keeping the spirits high.  It was another awesome set, these guys are the best hip hop act in Sydney as far as I’m concerned, but you had to strain to hear the lyrics, which meant a bit was lost.

Host for the evening Jeswan from the Thundamentals worked everyone right up before Rumpunch took the stage, and when they did it was all guns blaring.  They let us know right from the start that we were all in for a damn good time, and they never let us down.  Vocalist Tuka was a force on the mic, and the rest of the band was spot on.  It was a well layered, polished, professional, set, and with their album done now I can’t wait to see how far these guys can go.

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