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Sage Francis, Forum Theatre – 15/10/2010

If you are from Melbourne and you didn’t catch Sage Francis last night at Becks Festival bar, you might have missed your last chance on seeing him live.  It has been said officially that he is taking an indefinite hiatus after this tour, but the American hip hop artist implied during his performance that this could certainly be his last tour.

A brilliant showman, Sage left the Melbourne crowd captivated with his mix of poetic hip hop. From political issues to religion, Sage pushed his message across with a hint of utter sincerity in his eyes.  From talking to his shoe, to wearing a wig and throwing it off half way through his set, his performance was filled with an original tongue in cheek sense of humour.

Sage performed his entire set without a DJ, changing tracks himself. This was done with an artistically professional feel. Playing a variety of tracks across all of his releases, as a fan I felt satisfied that he provided a showcase of his entire catalogue. With a couple of spoken word sessions thrown in the mix, Sage Francis left the crowd with their spines tingling from his powerful control of the English language.

Supporting act Horrowshow didn’t fail to impress either.  Playing a lot of tracks on 2009 release Inside Story, Horrowshow are an example of just how much Australian hip hop has to offer on the world stage. They were definitely a suitable band to warm the crowd up for Sage Francis. Things are looking better and better for this hip hop duo, with a few NSW shows coming up over the next few months before playing at Pyramid Rock Festival in Phillip Island.

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