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Secluded Records Presents with: Bob Corbett, Beautiful World, Charles Manson Experiment, Mish, Captain Kickarse at The Lansdowne 20th Spetember 2008

Why wouldn’t ya like the Lansdowne? Walking here tonight from the neon lights of George St, pissed up bogans line the streets and girls whose mothers should not have let them leave the house like that are falling over their too tall shoes while bad dance music penetrates their ear drums.

It is with much relief I finally reach the destination for tonight’s proceedings – where genuine people come to listen to genuine music and you do not have to pay for the privilege. There is a $5 menu upstairs, the sound kicks, you’re in a real pub pub, which is hard to come by in Sydney nowdays and it is as comfortable as an old shoe. I am home.

And what a gift to be partial to a line up like tonight’s – Bob Corbett takes to the stage and the masses that have gathered here this evening stop and stand to attention. I dare you to frown and listen to Bob Corbett, for his happy smile is completely infectious. He sings his swampy blues layering them with live looping pedals phenomenally – and now that we are away from the trash of the other end of town, it is the perfect way to start this already perfect night.

The authentic “rock and roll” act, The Charles Manson Experiment’s set has clearly evolved in light years – the banter is as witty as their sound is tight and the addition of a cover of the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” gets the crowd cheering “WHOO HOO.” Beautiful World are just that, and it is beautiful to be privy to. Layering violins with xylophones to create articulate atmospheric dream pop that makes you feel all fuzzy.

Next on the bill is Mish – for our metal fix – it is loud and it is fast and it is what metal should be. With their incendiary riff, impeccable timing, inhuman drumming and firm graps of song structure, these guys blew the sock off the crowd. Throw in their metal/rock cover of Radiohead’s Talk Show Host and what more could you ask for.

And then there is Captain Kick Arse & The Awesomes – who send the crowd into a frenzy with their epic free flowing jams and riffs of destruction that force your body to move with your will or against it. In the middle of their instruMENTAL set I swear I see Tyler from the equally impressive Day of the Meerkats, get on stage and toast them for their awesomeness. Was that Joel King from Killed Two Birds, One Was Stoned jumping on stage and dancing to them like he is possessed by a force more powerful then the devil. It is hard to say. What is not hard to say is that this band will take you on a trance like journey with their progressive psychedelic rock– and the audience tonight are grateful to be on the ride.

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