Something For Kate + Ben Salter, The Metro – 12/10/2012

Something for Kate have returned with a new album and their first national tour in 5 years – and it’s about bloody time. After witnessing their astonishing performance at the Metro, here’s hoping we aren’t left waiting another 5 years. Frontman Paul Dempsey has being busy doing the solo thing and now he’s back with Stephanie Ashworth and Clint Hyndman to unleash the unassuming rock beast that is Something for Kate.

Support was Ben Salter from The Gin Club (and let’s not forget the mighty Giants of Science). It was a fine choice to warm up the crowd, with his avant-guard blend of acoustic rock and folk music getting a very positive response. Salter was clearly humbled by the warm reception from the crowd, but it was well-deserved – he is one of the best songwriter/performers we have.

Something for Kate delivered a massive 22-song set, which featured all tracks (except one) from the epic new album Leave Your Soul to Science. It was an often jaw-dropping set that segued effortlessly from flat-out rock to moody ballads, and with the addition of touring members on guitars and keyboards, it was a much fuller, grander wall of sound.

The new album is quite the beast and it was a good move to steer away from playing too many of the old hits, and to focus on an album that will be topping a few Australian album-of-the-year lists. Something for Kate still acknowledged their past with the likes of Anchorman, Say Something, and a very hard rock rendition of the epic Jerry Stand Up. A cover of Sam Brown’s Stop! was a nice addition as Dempsey went into solo mode, also performing the haunting Deep Sea Divers.

While the highlight tonight was the slew of new songs, everyone lapped up main set closer Pinstripe. The inevitable encore opened with a cracking cover of World Party’s Ship of Fools, before launching into Electricity, sending more than a few in attendance a little nuts. As Something for Kate wrapped it all up with the new album closer, a rather mellow Begin, it was immensely satisfying to witness what was a stunning return to the live circuit. It was an outstanding performance, reaffirming Something for Kate as one of Australia’s leading and most-talented acts.



This Economy

Say Something

Survival Expert

Jerry Stand Up

Star-Crossed Citizens

The Fireball At The End Of Everything


Déjà Vu

Private Rain

Down The Garden Path

Deep Sea Divers


The Kids Will Get The Money

Back to Normal

Cigarettes and Suitcases

Miracle Cure

Back To You



Ship Of Fools



Must Read