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The 1975 – Melbourne, Festival Hall 15/01/15

It would seem the word is well and truly out about The 1975. After two trips down under in the last 12 months, they’re no longer a little secret. It’s a little annoying but it’s also kind of great.

The quartet from Manchester have recently been given the title of Hardest Working Band of 2014 after playing 195 shows in 29 countries — more than any other band last year, or in any previous year since 2010 — and cracking the elusive U.S. market in the process. It’s not hard to see why.

Exploding on to the stage with opening track The City, The 1975 were met with a full house of screaming girls and stressed-out security guards madly pulling those who may have had a little too much fun out of the throng. Straight off the bat they were tighter and more composed than their last tour but, of course, the road will do that to you.

Gone was any surprise in receiving their applause, replaced instead with a more mature, in-control group that are well and truly earning their stripes. Crashing guitars, driving drums and throbbing bass filled the room… but there’s something about Matt Healy.

There’s arguably no man in music right now who can match Healy’s type of charisma. Gracing the stage with his bottle of red and shiny shirt, Matt Healy looks and sounds like something the ’70s chewed up and spat out, and I couldn’t mean that as a greater compliment. An old soul, the frontman sucked us in to a tiny moment where everyone was a hippy and he was our guru.

Taking care of the crowd when things were getting messy and begging with us to put our phones away to “make a moment”, he made it a rare night that really was about the music. Our generation has been screaming out for a rock star of this kind of intrigue, and we are so ready. Healy is a Jim Morrison, a Jeff Buckley, a Michael Hutchence. If you haven’t seen this man live, get on to it before he turns 27 and we’re forced to wrap him in cotton wool for 12 months and personally keep him in protective custody.

The 1975 treated us to a tour of their world, smashing out tracks from their first album with a few nods of what might be to come. The 1975 shine brightest when they ride the fine line of sexual fantasy and teen dream, turning on the crowd with tracks like Settle Down Robbers and Sex. They gifted us with a mellow, keyboard heavy mid section with a featured saxophone.

Fan favourites Girls and Chocolate brought the room to life, the vibing crowd almost too much for this famed Melbourne music hall. Such a pure connection between the band, the fans and the music is rare these days, but The 1975 have figured it out. And it’s just so effortless. Get to see them while you can. Go anywhere. Pay anything. You won’t be sorry.

The 1975 wrap up their Australian tour, supported by Circa Waves, this weekend. Details below.

Friday, 16th January 2015 – NEW SHOW

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Tickets: Ticketek

Saturday, 17th January 2015 – SOLD OUT

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Sunday, 18th January 2015

The Marquee, Brisbane

Tickets: Ticketmaster

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