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The Glass Child, The Bedford, London – 17/01/2012

Last night, Charlotte Eriksson AKA The Glass Child broke through further with a stunning and sublime live set at The Bedford pub in South London. The new and cult fans were treated to a beautiful show of talent, grace and humility from the singer who is bound to fill more rooms by the fan-load at a venue near you as soon as possible.

If more people don’t get onto this singer, then there is something terribly wrong with the tastes in modern music because The Glass Child was smashing last night. Not only did she have pop-style sensibilities to draw a new crowd in, the independent singer showed she was her own women with her own style, sound and feel for music. Clearly influenced by some artists but in no ways transparent, Charlotte compromised nothing. She is her own woman and she showed that last night in her young confidence and contagious enthusiasm.

The crowd was immersed in all her influence and inspiration last night as she took the stage and the crowd on a tour of deep emotion and angelic vocals. She said she was nervous to be performing, but she more than held her own with confidence and charm, interacting with the crowd and giving her great backing band just the support and praise they deserved. The Glass Child even made way for her friend to close the set, and what resulted was the public debut of another beautifully-talented singer with a genuine sound and an incredible song to boot.

From rocking out over electric, to sitting down and keeping it intimate on the acoustics, Charlotte kept those in attendance in her pocket as she unloaded her catalogue and latest offerings from the epic EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made. A personal highlight of the night was when Eriksson played I Will Lead You Home, her Swedish Number 2 charity song helping the fight against cancer. During that humbly-moving performance, we really saw this great individual in all her good graces and beautiful heart and soul. After giving us so much, it’s time the music world offered Charlotte Eriksson more.

Tim Harvey is a Music Feeds UK correspondent

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