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The Rooftops, The Macquarie Hotel – 13/11/10

Brisbane 6 piece The Rooftops stopped into Sydney for their first show in Sydney playing a free show at The Macquarie. Instantly you knew this was going to be a tough gig for them. They had to wait until the football was over before they could start playing, which meant half the room also left. Got to be tough to win an audience over with that start.

The Rooftops play a blend of lounge jazz with dashes of reggae dub and a touch of funk. Their songs were pleasant and set a calm, relaxing mood. Probably not so much suited to a pub environment, more a cocktail bar or cafe where smooth rhythms can be better appreciated. Regardless, the band played a solid set peppered with new material from their forthcoming album.

A few core fans found the courage (more than likely through the liquid kind) to get up and dance, which got the band to kick it up another gear to end the set solidly. The band has great potential in the right environment to be a successful live act. Easy listening with a touch of class and soul.

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